[PRE ORDER] Not An Island on VINYL

[PRE ORDER] Not An Island on VINYL

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GET my album Not An Island on vinyl by pre ordering today.

For some time I have been asked by fans to produce the vinyl version of Not An Island.  

The great news is, with this pre-order option, once we hit our target of 50 people, we will begin the manufacturing process. Manufacturing vinyl is expensive, and it takes a lot longer than pressing CD's, but I want to make a way to create this listening experience for you.

What do you get from the pre-order?

  • A double vinyl version of Not An Island
  • A digital download of the album
  • Additional credits and lyrics
  • Signed copy
  • 12 fully mastered songs


Not An Island is the second Pyramid Park album, released April 2020.  If you like indie music, expect an indie synth pop adventure.



How many people need to pre order before pressing?

I will need a minimum of 50 pre orders before ordering vinyls from manufacturers.


Who handles the pre orders?

I use an app called Pre Product, which enables me to collect orders. I will personally handle the manufacturing communications and let you know when the vinyl goes to manufacture, is shipped to me and the expected postal date to you.


How long will it take to press the vinyl?

Usually 8 - 16 weeks, but this depends on the time of year and backlog of orders at the pressing plant.


Why is it a double album?

Not An Island has 12 songs. Only nine or ten of my shortest songs will fit on a double sided vinyl. Although another option would be to include a download card for the remaining songs, I feel that the best listening experience is to have the whole album on vinyl.


    Can you write a personal message on the vinyl?

    Yes, I'd be happy to write a short personal message.