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Cyclones & Silence Zine & Digital Album Bundle [PRE ORDER]

Cyclones & Silence Zine & Digital Album Bundle [PRE ORDER]

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Cyclones & Silence is the thrid album by Pyramid Park, one with a back story like no other recording before. Processing the loss of his mother-in-law McAllen writes poignant raw lyrics during real-time songwriting. The album deserved more than a usual credits list of thank yous, which is why for the first time McAllen is releasing a physical zene alongside the full album download. You will find stories behind each song, lyrics, additional artwork and an introduction to the producer and co-writers. 

Note: This product is a pre-order and will be released shortly before the full album release date. 

Cyclones & Silence Tracks:

  1. QueensTown
  2. Goodbye Love
  3. Left Alone
  4. I Am Here
  5. Long Long Year
  6. Maybe You Can Hear Me
  7. Bending With The Cyclone
  8. Blank As The Sky Was
  9. Regurgitating
  10. The Forces Inside Us
  11. Peace Song
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