Not An Island VINYL

Not An Island VINYL

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Not An Island now on Vinyl.

Not An Island is the second Pyramid Park album, released April 2020.  If you like indie music, expect an indie synth pop adventure. Featuring 12 Pyramid Park songs with additional lyrics on a colour inner sleeve. 

The great news is, with this pre-order option, it enables me to fast track the process. Manufacturing vinyl is expensive, and it takes a lot longer than pressing CD's, but I want to make a way to create this listening experience for you.

  • A vinyl version of Not An Island
  • Additional credits and lyrics on a colour print inner sleeve
  • 12 fully mastered songs


Side One

Never Let Me Down, Bright Heart, You Know/ I Know, Bitterness, Down Down, Not An Island, Minor Land

Side Two

Young, Envy, Stairway, Surrender, Being honest